Tuesday, December 28, 2010

idea of what I do at work

Phone call at work:
Me: Good afternoon karr tuttle campbell?
caller: Hello??
Me: ...Hello.
Caller: Hello?? (sounds of snot and gross stuff)
Me: Hello. Karr tuttle Campbell?
Caller: Is this Karr Tuttle Campbell.
Me: Yep.
Caller: Oh do you um know this one attorney I worked with about 20 years ago?
Me: What was the name of the attorney?
Caller: I don't remember his name, but I think I might remember his wife's name. But I don't remember it.
Me: Do you know the name of the case?
Caller: What case? I don't know
Me: Oh but he worked with our firm 20 years ago?
Caller: No well he well um (gruff grumble) he didn't work at what
Me: Maybe I can look it up. What was the name of the firm he worked for?
Caller: I don't remember.
Me: Wait, so... you don't remember his name, where he worked, what the case was, and he worked with you 20 years ago?
Caller: No little girl! You're not listening!
Me: WHAT THE FUCK (inside my head loudly)
Caller: His wife's name started with a "G"

Yelling "you're not listening" is the same as saying "I hope this receptionist never helps me."

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