Thursday, April 21, 2011

My answers to Sexy Quiz "Sex Appeal Quiz" Are you a shameless siren or do you give off subtle seduction signals? Take this quiz to find out!

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The Late Night Text you send a boy you like:
a.) Sweet dreams. If UR lucky maybe I'll be in 1 of them.
b.) Goodnight.
c.) Heading 2 bed. 2 bad UR not in it.
d.) Barbara's write in answer: no text at all

When trying to impress a man you're most likely to:
a.) Work into the conversation you get asked out a lot
b.) Talk about your good job
c.) Tell him you recently ran a 5K and got a hot oil massage after
d.) Barbara's write in answer: ramble about how you hate yourself and your anxieties and your dark depressing childhood until he gets uncomfortable and says he has to go to the bathroom but he actually goes to talk to someone else so you follow him and finish the story

A hottie moves into your buildings and has yet to introduce himself, you:
a.) Stake out the lobby wait for him to come and then ask him out
b.) Invite him over for a party
c.) Make eye contact and smile
d.) Barbara's write in answer: Stealthily memorize his schedule and happen to be entering and exiting the building the same time as him and follow him around without saying anything, run face first into a mailbox, and then blurt out "I'm single!"

Your go to first date outfit:
a.) Jeans and shoulderless top
b.) pretty dress with lots of cleavage
c.) Nice black slacks and a cute jacket
d.) Barbara's write in answer: First date? Who has time for that? Do you mean, first time we get drunk enough to hook up? In which case, whatever I was running around in all day, most likely, flannel, sweatshirt, jeans with tights underneath

You're dying to sleep with a guy you're on a date with, you:
a.) graze his thigh under the table
b.) Cut the date short so you don't sleep with him before the 5th date
c.) Say "Interested in finding out what's underneath this dress?"
d.) Barbara's write in answer: Once again, "date"? Are people still getting asked on dates? Anyway, my move would probably be to keep still and say nothing and wait for him to stick the thingy in and then when he doesn't get the blatant message, ram it home with something adorable like "you know, I'm not saying this to be a weirdo or anything and I'm sorry to bother you but you have nice pores on your forehead and every time I've had sex in the last two years, all four times, the guy never was able to finish. I'm that good. Gauntlet thrown."